In skies where dreams take flight, they soar, Catjets, a meld of feline grace and jet's roar. With whiskers brushed by winds so high, They paint trails of stardust across the sky. In fur of velvet night and wings of steel, They dance with stars, a cosmic reel. Their purrs harmonize with engines' hum, As they journey far, their spirits never numb. Through clouds they weave, like threads of fate, Their paws as nimble as the hand of fate. With eyes that gleam with celestial sights, They navigate the heavens, their guiding light. In twilight's embrace, they find their way, A symphony of meows, a serenade to day. And as the dawn breaks, a new horizon unfurls, Catjets descend, leaving trails of wonder in swirls. With grace they touch down, a gentle landing, Their mission complete, in skies so commanding. For they are explorers of realms unknown, Catjets, in skies they call their own.

Sharon Is Karen Vickiyachts
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