Sharon Is Karen

Sharon Is Karen

Behind the mask of Sharon's guise,
Lies Karen's eyes, kind and wise.
A name that's mocked, a meme that's spread,
Yet Karen's heart is not that thread.

She wears the mask to hide the pain,
Of jokes that fall like bitter rain.
But deep inside, she knows her worth,
A kindness rooted since her birth.

She walks the streets, her steps are light,
Her actions speak of love, not spite.
For every sneer and every taunt,
Her gentle soul does not haunt.

The mask of Sharon, she may wear,
But Karen's goodness is still there.
She helps, she heals, without a trace,
Of the stereotype's harsh embrace.

So let the haters spew their hate,
Karen knows it's not her fate.
To be the butt of every joke,
Her spirit free, it won't be broke.

For she's herself, pure and true,
A heart of gold, through and through.
No mask can hide her radiant grace,
In every act, her kindness trace.

So here's to Karen, strong and bright,
A beacon in the darkest night.
For names will never define our worth,
It's our actions that give us birth.